LADWP AC Optimization Program!!

Posted By on June 7, 2018

LADWP wants to help qualifying Residential and Commercial customers stay comfortable and use energy more efficiently.  Cooling represents the largest summertime energy cost for most homeowners and businesses.  An efficient, well maintained AC system uses less energy, keeps you more comfortable, and extends the life of your system.

Taking energy efficiency to the next level, LADWP also offers rebates to help customers fix leaking duct systems, and replace their old, inefficient AC units with new ENERGY STAR Rated High Efficiency AC systems. And LADWP is also offering a smart, learning thermostat including installation* at no cost to their Residential customers with compatible systems.  The smart thermostat learns your schedule and the temperatures you prefer, so that it can save you on energy costs when you’re not around, yet keep you comfortable while you’re home.

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